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GameDev: Automap Quake

This is a small Quake mod that I started working on in February of 2022, which converts the game from a first person shooter to a flat top-down shooter, while keeping the original level files playable. It was initially a simple view angle hack, but eventually became very large and complex as I added a bunch of quality-of-life features to make the gameplay more fun.

Special thanks to Spoike for listening to my inane programming questions, and special thanks to Shpuld for the crosshair icon.

In March-April 2022, I decided to host a level design jam based on the concept, where participants would create entirely new Quake levels using the mod, tailoring their design towards top-down gameplay styles. While only 3 people submitted entries, their entries were fantastic and really showed that the concept could work.


NOTE: This mod requires the use of the FTEQW Quake sourceport to work, as its the only sourceport that supports the client-side rendering code trickery that I'm doing to make the mod work.


Topdown Jam Download

Topdown Quake Jam (Released May 5th, 2022)

To play the jam, simply place the files from inside the zip into your existing Quake directory and run "FTEGLQW64" which is the executable for the required sourceport. As long as the engine can find your "id1" folder, where the default Quake content is stored, it will run. If you need MacOS or Linux executables, consult


- Chris Holden

- CommonCold

- Nolcoz

Automap Quake Downloads

Automap Quake v1.5 (Released February 22nd, 2022)

Automap Quake v1.4 (Released February 22nd, 2022)

Automap Quake v1.3 (Released February 21st, 2022)

Automap Quake v1.2 (Released February 21st, 2022)

Automap Quake v1.1 (Released February 20th, 2022)

Topdown Quake v1.0 (Released February 20th, 2022)

To install these non-jam versions, simply place the "automap.pk3" file in your Quake directory of choice. For the main game, this would usually be the folder called "id1" inside the executable directory. Existing Quake mods are decently supported, as long as they don't already have a file called "csprogs.dat" in them.